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Letters From Joseph Hunstand, 08 July, 2017

President message

It is an honor to be the president of ICAPS. the society is composed of a group of outstanding plastic surgeons from across the globe.  All the members have contributed. Positively to the field of aesthetic plastic surgery in numerous publications in our scientific literature as well as countless presentations at  congresses and symposia conducted throughout the world.  Our meetings are of extremely high caliber scientific information but also, with our spouses, we have a most wonderful  collegial  friendship family. The camaraderie is a wonderful experience that has made  ICAPS  such a special organization. We are very excited to welcome our ICAPS family to the United States for a meeting in 2018.

Joseph Hunstand 

ICAPS President


Letters From Gaston-François MAILLARD, 03 July, 2017


DOCTOR  CHRISTOPH WOLFENSBERGER passed away at the end of  2015 . His wife PETRA , his family , his friends and  colleagues all mourn over the loss of a cherished  husband ,  dear friend and  excellent plastic Surgeon. 

He was the son of a Doctor from the Zurich area  , the economic  capital of  Switzerland .  After  Zurich University  and having acquired  the basics of  General and  plastic Surgery he moved to Munich Germany where he completed his training in PRAES by the famous Professor Ursula Schmidt-Tintemann  . He was very fond of Arts in all shapes and forms and that is why he selected PRAES as his main professional activity .Wofgang Mülhbauer was his chief-Resident and later became the new Boss of the Unit . After he got his Swiss Speciality Diploma in PRAES he opened an out-patient Clinic in the Center of Zurich . His practice mostly devoted to Aesthetic surgery was very successful and famous in the german speaking area . But because he also fluently  spoke French  and  English , he had also patients from all over the World . In the eighties we invited him to join the group of Plastic Surgeons-skiers  called "the Alpine Workshop in Plastic Surgery" ; his scientific communications were very original and appreciated . In 1988 we founded together with him ,  Bernard Cornette de Saint CYR , Wolfgang Mulhbauer , Goswin von Mallinkrodt , Frank Trepsat , Madeleine Lejour , Douglas Harrison , Barry Jones , Jan Poell , André Thion et al. the golfers Group called "St Andrews Workshop in Plastic Surgery" . After 10 years this group evolved into  the "ICAPS or International Consortium of Plastic  Aesthetic Surgery" . With Jean-Louis GOIN he organized a remarkable  meeting in Bordeaux .We had the wonderful opportunity to visit , taste and dine in Château YQUEM - Sauternes , Château Beychevelle en Médoc , Château Grand Barrail  near Clos Figeac at Saint Emilion . But the most impressive was his unique and unforgettable   Trumpet Concerto in the Cellars of Château Margaux , the grandest red Wine !

More recently he was a founder with Daniel Knutti et al. of the Swiss Society of Aesthetic Surgery.

Chris was always a man of great Culture , sharing with Petra all subjects such as fashion , high gastronomy and oenology as well as the ARTS !

Chris was a very skilled , refined and meticulous "Artist in PRAES".

He was a very appreciated Ambassador of the Swiss Plastic Surgery all over the World .


Christoph , we miss You so very much , on behalf of all our close-knit  Friends .


Gaston-François MAILLARD 

Former  Associate Professor of PRAES - Lausanne University

ICAPS Past-President 


Honorary Member of the Swiss Society of PRAES


Letters From  Stephen Gilbert, 19 March, 2017

Dear ICAPS members, 

Attached is the Call for Papers for the meeting in Amsterdam June 18-June 23 2017.

I would be grateful if you would fill in the title of your proposed contributions with a brief abstract and email it to me  by 1st May.

I have also attached the registration form sent out earlier by Maarten Fechner, the convenor.

You will recall that it is a precondition of registering for this meeting that you have paid your 2016 dues and any back log.

Some names have been removed from the address list above because they appear to have shown no interest in ICAPS for a number of years and others have resigned. 

Our apologies if you did not receive the original registration form due to an error in our mailing list.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely 

Stephen Gilbert  scientific convenor, with Maarten Fechner


Letters From  Darrly Hodgkınson, 26 sep, 2015

Dear fellow members of ICAPS,

I am very honoured to be organising the scientific program for next year's meeting being hosted in New Zealand by Stephen Gilbert.  This will be a special occasion for us to share openly not only the best that New Zealand has to offer but what we have to offer each other as professionals, colleagues and friends.  It is rare for such an esteemed group of individuals in any profession to be able to meet regularly to share openly and honestly in hopes of advancing not only the participants themselves but their field and industry as well. It is with this in mind that the structure of the scientific program has been developed to allow everyone to be heard on a range of topics so that we can get a better view of techniques, advancements and life in practice from around the world.

You will note from the click download registration form that the format is being kept short and simple so that the preparation of these talks will not take too much time out your busy practices but will require some introspection and allow us all to share simply and honestly the highs and lows of our professional experience.

If everyone attending could please have this form back to me by no later than 1 November 2015 so that I might prepare the scientific program, I would sincerely appreciate it. 

After this, I will be hoping to receive your PowerPoint files in advance so that we can get them pre-loaded and ready to make the program run as smoothly and efficiently as possible to ensure that we have plenty of time to enjoy the wonders of New Zealand.

I look forward to receiving all your submissions and to seeing you in NZ (if not beforehand in Sydney).

Best regards,





Letters From  Stephen Gilbert, 07 May, 2015

Synopsis of ICAPS Scientific Programme     26th  APRIL  -  1st. May  2015
                  SEVILLE        ANDALUSIA          SPAIN 

Dear Andalutions,    Below is a brief synopsis of our scientific meeting.
If I have missed or misinterpreted the main thrust of your presentation please feel free to edit the part pertaining to you ( but keep it to a sentence or two)  and send it back to me. I shall then arrange for this report to go on our website. 

I would also suggest you put an abstract of your talk on the ICAPS website. This can be done by sending it to Onur's office.

19 ICAPS members, three guests and their wives and partners attended this  very enjoyable meeting in the elegant Alfonso XIII hotel in central Seville, the city of Don Juan and Carmen, the home of the Flamenco and Bull Fighting
Our ebullient local host plastic surgeon  Salvatore Pagano   organised a high standard of  audio visual presentation as well as some extempore late night celebrating.
Our president Gaston Maillard with the assistance of travel agent Jacqui Haguis set up an excellent social and cultural programme including city tours on foot and by horse and carriage,  a Flamenco dinner and a farewell banquet. 

The scientific programme was of a high standard with several members giving more than one cutting edge presentation. It was organised under FACE, NOSE, BREAST, BODY, GENERAL

FACE.   Antonio de la Fuente, being one of our long term members and from Madrid the capital of our host country was asked to start the academic programme.  He he set a high standard drawing from his extensive experience to demonstrate how common errors in face lifting such as raising the hair line and distorting the tragus  could be avoided by smas plication  and putting no tension on the skin.
Arnaldo Miro from Brazil demonstrated his method of treating the deep structures in the face by doing a lateral  smasectomy  over the anterior parotid fascia and so avoiding damage to the facial nerve. He often uses a strip of redundant smas to graft the nasolabial  furrow.
Darryl Hodgkinson from Australia showed how he could get a superior result in the lower neck with a permanent suture oto Lore's fascia set low in the neck. ie a modified Fogli approach.
Des Fernandes guest and well known South African plastic surgeon of Portuguese origin demonstrated how repetitive micro needling the skin, especially in the face, would allow better penetration of Vitamins A and C to refresh the skin which is after all the sine qua non of facial rejuvenation. This also works for burns scars.
Continuing the theme of less invasive treatment  Salvatore Pagano demonstrated his technique of face lifting and Bernard Cornet de St Cyr from Paris  in his inimitable way showed how soft Sillouette Cone Threads  could be used to maintain a face lift  for about 18 months and was useful in engaging with a younger patient asking for facial enhancement but afraid at that stage of a regular facelift.
Jose Abel de la Pena, from Mexico, discussed the use of laser externally and internally to help shrink the skin which he said is more effective than Vaser. He also uses skin needling, vitamin C and Radiofrequency.
Daniel Knutti  who had flown himself,  Gaston , Jan Poell  and wives in from Switzerland discussed his experience with Croton oil peels finding them more predictable than TCA peels.  
Alfonso Barrera, from Houston USA, showed how facial telangiectasia could easily be reduced with per cutaneous fine needle diathermy.

We then moved on to the NOSE.
Darryl pointed out that the current trend for multiple selfies helped identify the potential body dysmorphic patient,  describing some of the trapsinto which he himself had fallen. He referred us to
Jose Abel demonstrated how in the Metsito nose it was important to undermine the skin fully to allow shrinkage over the tip cartilages which were supported with grafts.
Gaith  Shubalait , from Jordan, told us how his rhinoplasty practice had completely altered for the better after Jack Gunther championed the open approach. He now prefers diced conchal cartilage, delivered through a tuberculin syringe, to  the cantilevered rib graft for augmenting  the dorsum. He demonstrated how he could recreate the lower lateral cartilages almost identically with split septal cartilage.
Onur Erol, from Turkey, also preferred diced cartilage for the dorsum, compressed in a metal syringe of his own design  and in secondary nasal deformities would first expand the scarred skin with fat grafts or even balloon  catheters. He might  then add a sandwich graft of fascia to protect the new dorsum.

Moving on to the BREAST next day Russell Walton, from South Africa, explained his volume measuring shell, still under development,  for providing a more realistic idea of the desired new breast shape and size than even 3D devices can manage. These still are seen in 2D by the patient.
Stephen Gilbert, from New Zealand, applied statistics to demonstrate that in his and his colleagues hands polyurethane covered cohesive gel implants gave more predictable results with fewer complications than textured implants, despite the technique being more demanding.
Kai-Uwei Schlaudraf,  a guest from Geneva , introduced the use of air filled microspheres within the cohesive gel of an implant to lighten the enhanced breast and reduce the deforming viscoelastic forces of standard implants. This idea is being responsively developed by the company concerned.  Watch this space.
Gaston Maillard demonstrated how  breasts could be nicely reconstructed after skin sparing subcutaneous mastectomy with conservatively sized implants completely covered by muscle without the need for fat grafting which he was cautious about.
Maarten Fechner concluded the breast section  by asking members if they thought breast reconstruction with endoscopically dissected free momentum was tenable. He showed excellent results in modest breast sizes with few complications and minimal donor scars. The response was one of admiration but was non committal.

On the third day Aesthetic  surgery of the BODY was introduced by Joe Hunstad from  North Carolina who discussed his current concepts, honed  after 28 years of experience. He now favours circumferential lipo abdominoplasty  to sculpture the waist and tighten the abdomen using  energy based liposuction except on the abdomen. He likes laser assisted SAL rather than VASER (ultrasound). Tumescence makes it almost bloodless reducing the risk of complications.In essence Laser SAL, excision and fat grafting.
Kai-Uwei then talked about the science of fat grafting likening the recipient area to a sponge which can only be filled so much before it leaks and  introducing the term  'intracrinology' as opposed to endocrinology. He prefers not to use abdominal fat the stem cells from which are currently thought to be more tumourogenic than those from elsewhere. None-the-less he considers fat grafting with micro droplets to the breast to be a safe procedure.

Pier Luigi Canta,from Naples, where he is establishing a new clinic, discussed his techniques for pectoral  and calf enhancement using cohesive gel implants placed sub muscular in the first case and intra muscularly in the second. He showed nice results but this topic generated quite robust discussion with Darryl Hodgkinson preferring hard but flexible implants in men, placed sub facially in the calf.

Daniel Knutti visited Robeiro Preto in Brazil before embarking on his first buttock implant in a high profile patient,  getting an excellent result by placing the  smooth surfaced silicone implant intramuscularly. Jose Abel prefers to put his subfascially.

The meeting concluded with a GENERAL section

Gaston showed a movie of the virtues of the Washio flap for aesthetic nose repair leaving an unscarred donor site behind the ear. It might be difficult to convince a patient of this nowadays.

Alfonso Barrera described his  30 year vascular embolic free experience in his overnight stay facility using  Total Intravenous Anaesthesia  (TIVA) without intubation given by a registered anaesthetist using Diprivan. 

Onur showed significant improvement in burn scars using fraxel laser and micro fat grafting.

Kai-Uwei,  who has an academic bent, brought us up to date with the reality behind the science and hype of stem cells, predicting exciting prospects in regenerative surgery.

Salvatore  concluded the scientific programme by showing how in his hands appropriately applied laser assisted liposuction could be used safely in the neck and elsewhere with some skin shrinkage.

Jose Abel de la Pena then gave an inspiring account of his 30 years experience of a cleft lip and palate  clinic amongst the poor people of Central America which was a life changing experience for him as we'll as his patients. This reminded us that it is better to give than to receive.

Stephen Gilbert.     

Scientific Convenor

NB.   Next year ICAPS  will be in Auckland., New Zealand, the capital of Oceania, in late February or early March, dates to be confirmed shortly.  Consult for  ideas of what you might like to do.
Darryl Hodgkinson has volunteered to look after any ICAPS members who might like to spend a few days in Sydney, Australia, to get over jet lag before going on to NZ. For those not sure of the geography in this part of the world Australia is a large island about a thousand miles off the west coast of NZ.  Consult

Letters From  Gaston-François Maillard, 18 November, 2014

Dear "Science Master", Dear Past President, Dear Secretary General , Dear Treasurer & friends ,
I am leaving with Nicole to Mauritius until 2nd week of december.
Jacqueline Hagius- GTM Travel & More  did an excellent JOB : today ,17 November we are around 20 active attendees + wifes
( included new : Desmond Fernandez from Cape Town, GianLuca Campiglio from Milano, Kai-Uwe Schaudraff from Geneva)
+ a few possible late registrations SEE LIST BELOW
Jacqueline will arrive on site a little bit earlier to finalise the details ; she could get support & help , if needed ,  from a local colleague Dr Salvatore Pagano ,he is married with a women from a very important local Family and strongly recommended by our member Antonio de la Fuente Madrid.
Because of that I decided to invite Salvatore  to participate for free to the scientific meetings (He does not need hotel reservation of course).
We will get on site a special very nice POLO-shirt with our ICAPS-LOGO . Jacqueline will pay it and I ask Our treasurer to reimburse GTM when he gets the bill.
Confirmed attendees :
Gaston-François & Nicole MAILLARD -Switzerland
Onur & Sevinc EROL-Turkey
Stephen & Margrat GILBERT-New Zeland
Maarten & Brigitte FECHNER-Holland
Bernard & Michèle CORNETTE de St CYR-Paris-France
Joseph & Sherry HUNSTAD-USA
Jan & Christine POELL-Switzerland
Catherine Bergeret-Galley & ?-France
Darryl & Katherine HODGKINSON-USA
Arnoldo & Wife MIRO -Brazil
Alfonso Barrera & Christy RAINES-USA
Daniel & Jacqueline KNUTTI-Switzerland
Russell WALTON & Karmen FIELDGATE-South-Afrika
Leslie KueK & Wife-Singapore (Golf-Captain)
Harry FOK & Joyce GOH-Singapore
Pierre-Luigi CANTA & Wife-Italy
Desmond FERNANDEZ-Cape-Town SA
Kai-Uwe SCHLAUDRAFF + Wife-Geneva

Not Yet Confirmed but annonced to join :
Gaith & Zein SHUBAILAT-Jordan
GianLuca CAMPIGLIO-Milano
Antonio dela Fuente-Madrid
Ana & Michel Badin -Brazil
Nuri Celik-Wienna
Dirk RICHTER_-Germany
Jose-Abel dela Pena-Mexico
Rafic KUZBARI-Wienna
Please :the Web-Master can introduce this letter on our web-site
I ask Stephen to organize now the scientific program
Looking forward to meet in our very friendly Group,

Letters From  Onur Erol, 16 June, 2014

Dear Jurgen , excellent work, super result. Thank you for your efforts

Letters From  Jurgen Holle, 16 June, 2014

Dear friends,

The ICAPS –Vienna meeting 2014 is history and I am glad, everything developed to be accepted by everyone.

The clarification of all the payments resulted in a surplus of 3782,79€ which I transferred to the bank account of  our Treasurer Maarten Fechner.

Thank you again for coming to Vienna and having been such a wonderful group of friends.

Warm regards


Letters From  Onur Erol, 23 May, 2014

Dear friends,

As you know, my term as President has ended and I hope that during my term I have been able to make a positive impact on both the current existence and future of ICAPS. I thank you all for this opportunity of such a precious task and for your cooperation.

This has been definitely one experience that I will never forget!  Would like to express my special thanks out to the “Members” for all their support throughout this year of change. Without your support and valuable contributions this Society would not exist.

In Vienna the scientific sessions were great, the cultural events were outstanding and most relevantly the friendship within this very special group is quite unique!  It has been my pleasure to serve you all.

I would like to give my special appreciations to Jurgen (local host) for his excellent organization in Vienna . I will continue with my support to the new board committee by keeping our web site updated. 

My Best Regards

& Love to all


Letters From  Rolf Nordstrom, 5 June, 2014


knowing you from very many years back  I want to thank you for your effort for all of us and keeping up a  nice spirit – not easy.

And I want t congratulate yoy för the recognition you mentioned – more than well deserved


Letters From  Darryl Hodgkinson, 2 June, 2014

Having enjoyed and learned so much from you and Gaith over many years your contributions will be a highlight of the publication.

Congratulations and well deserved.


Letters From  Arnaldo Miro, 26 May, 2014

Dear Onur,

First of all, I would like to congratulate you for your Presidential term. It was perfect and effective, keeping together all these nice doctors  in very good moments.

            Second, I will say to you the same I said to Gaith: you have spent a long time of your life   studying, researching, teaching and sharing your experience all over the world.

            You deserve this distinctiveness!


            My warmest regards for you and Sevinc,

            Arnaldo Miró

Letters From  Maarten Fechner, 25 May, 2014

dear Onur,

we all are very grateful for the way you did the job.

the website looks wonderful , and you were always easy to contact and your reply was always very fast ! 

Indeed, vienna was wonderful . 

Also brigitte and I would like to thank Jurgen and Inge for their outstanding organization !

best regards, 


maarten and brigitte

Letters From  Stephen Gilbert, 24 May, 2014

Dear Onur,

 I have enjoyed working with you as scientific convenor over the last two years  to facilitate ICAPS.
 I agree that Jurgen's arrangements for ICAPS Vienna  following Woffles extraordinary artistic revelations in Singapore last year 
have  set us up for the immediate future.   I endorse Bernard's comments about us all having a passion for plastic surgery that has
consumed our lives. We are a unique society.
 My respects and best wishes for the future.
Stephen Gilbert

Letters From  Goswin von Mallinckrodt, 24 May, 2014

Dear Onur AND Sevinc,

Of course Onur, you have almost all the merits for the work you did during your presidency in in all the years before and I want to thank and congratulate you, but there is someone behind and I want to express my deepest thoughts to you, Sevinc, having been around everywhere - not only at the fantastic meeting in Istanbul, but at every event, I was lucky enough to join - with your charme, happiness and organizational talents.
Thank you both !!
With a lot of love

Letters From  Alfonso Barrera, 23 May, 2014

 Dear Onur:

You have done an exemplary superb  job as President of ICAPS!!!! 
Thanks so much!!!
We are all eternally thankful to you !!

Letters From  Spyros Joannides, 23 May, 2014

Dear members of ICAPS,

It seems that Vienna hosted another successful meeting!  Maria and I,  are truly sorry that health issues prevented us from joining.  It is our sincere wish to participate in such high standard gatherings and reunite with our ICAPS friends!

Gaith, Onur, what an honor!  Congratulations!

Onur, thank you for leading our society.


Spyros and Maria Joannides

Letters From  Woffles Wu, 23 May, 2014

Dear Onur,

This is fantastic news. You and Gaith will do us proud!



Letters From  Bryan Mendelson, 21 May, 2014

Dear Onur,

I intended to express my thanks to you for the most successful and enjoyable ICAPS Meeting in Vienna.

As you said to everyone in promoting the website, the achievements of each member add to the the academic status of the ICAPS group.

And so I further congratulate you on being selected to contribute a chapter for this definitive work on Secondary Rhinoplasty.

I am so pleased that your original contributions are being recognised and appreciated. We all learn from you in ICAPS as elsewhere.

With my best wishes,


Letters From  Alfonso Barrera, 20 May, 2014

Thanks so mich Juergen:

Was a lovely meeting 

The BEST of The BEST all around!!

Friendship, companionship, location and tours, food, scientific sessions and all..

 Looking forward to Sevilla


All try best to all!


Letters From  Gaston Maillard, 19 May, 2014

Yes ! The comments of our Secretary Général is so perfect that I CAN only confirm and again congratulate Juergen & Inge for the perfect meeting They organized with Maestria in their  beautifull Town of Wienna ! We are preparing Sevilla for 2015 with the hope to keep the same level !

Letters From  Daniel Knutti, 19 May, 2014

Dear Juergen and Inge

Although  Jacqueline and I have been in Vienna many times before you made us discover your wonderful city in a way we never experienced before.  The scientific sessions were great, the cultural events were outstanding and most important, the friendship within this very special group is very unique !

Thank you for this unforgetable week

Jacqueline and Daniel

Letters From  Stephen Gilbert, 18 May, 2014


ICAPS   VIENNA  10-14  MAY 2014


Twenty three members attended our 14th  meeting held at the historic privately owned Sacher luxury hotel in the centre of Vienna. Many celebrities have  stayed here before us and their signed photographs line the walls.

Our thanks to our local host Jurgen Holle  for his excellent organisation of a rich cultural programme which included visits to the see the Lipizzaner horses performing in the baroque Spanish riding School,  Mozart’s “La Clemenza di Tito” at the Vienna State Opera, the baroque Schonbrunn  Palace once the home of the Habsburg Imperial Family, the  Gustav  Klimt  and  Shiele master pieces at the Belvedere Palace and culminating with wonderful  Austrian cuisine, wine and   in the heurige or vine yard area of the Vienna woods. Of course there was much fine dining at other restaurants where we were at risk of ‘death by chocolate’ and many ladies took advantage of the excellent spa at our hotel with Bernard being the only male to have been noticed on the exercise machines.

On this occasion the meeting was preceded by a golf tournament hosted by  Jurgen at his club Schlos Schonborn, 40 k out of Vienna, where the club house was actually a substantial castle. This was won by Leslie Kuek who has now been elected captain of golf for ICAPS.

It was quite a shock to have to start the academic program on the Monday and this ran from 9-12.30 each day till  Wednesday. A highlight of this was a lecture given by the prominent  Viennese historian Daniel Uchtmann  on Vienna culture and history attended also by our partners. This was followed  by a Lifestyle talk from Darryl Hodgkinson on how to win the Sydney Hobart yacht race which had us all seasick before lunch. He  showed how plastic surgical principals of thorough research, sensible appraisal of one’s ability, making a sound plan of action, gathering a loyal and well trained team around you and then making your best effort applied just as much to winning an off shore  yacht race as achieving a satisfactory plastic surgical out come.

 As Sir Harold Gillies liked to say you must have a life boat for any complex plastic surgical procedure that might go wrong.. The difference is that the plastic surgical operation  could be fatal for the patient  whereas   the boat race could be fatal for the surgeon/sailor if either were  not conducted properly.  It is a matter of taking well calculated risks against the sea as opposed to against the blood supply.

The ACADEMIC  programme was designed to use  the papers offered in the most logical sequence with each member being allowed 10 minutes presentation and 5 minutes discussion time so that everyone had the same opportunity to speak. This worked well and I am grateful  to  everybody for keeping to time  in fairness to their colleagues.

Jan Poell who had to leave the meeting early kicked off with an update of his short scar breast reduction which he had first shown us at ICAPS Bordeaux. This involves taking out the excess skin around the areolar,  liposuctioning  the upper  pole extensively to give a  circumvertical scar only even in the largest breasts.

Maarten Fechner  won the prize for being exactly on time in delivering his ground breaking talk on a study of 3-D anatomy of the face using the CM3600Xp Cryotome which shows potential for training young surgeons in the  appreciation of the spatial relationships of the anatomy of the face and hand  but is at present still in the research phase.

The programme was  otherwise organised in the usual order starting with the face and proceeding to breasts and body.


Most papers were offered on the face and these were divided into  normal anatomy, fillers, my experience and preferred technique, and  face lifts  with augmentation.

Martin Flechner, Woffles Wu and Bryan Mendelson set the scene establishing parameters of facial anatomy and Asian beauty. Woffles in his urbane way pointed out that the new Asian ideal is not to be more Caucasian but rather to be  Pan Asian which means having a narrower  more oval face  but not the higher arched eyebrows  thin nose and high cheek bones of the Caucasian ideal that once was.  The Caucasian ideal is also moving more to the Pan Asian look with lower eyebrows, narrow chin  and prominent but softened cheek bones.

Bryan Mendelson  showed how a subtly filled lateral eyebrow enhanced beauty and youth. He prefers to use hydroxyl apatite crystals laid on the supra orbital ridge to achieve this rather than fat  which can drop this area rather than fill and lift it. He commented that good looking male   film stars tend to have broad flat fore heads  but women may be considered attractive with  narrow ( Angelina Jolie) or wide (Grace Kelly) foreheads and in some temporal filling may be beneficial. The trick is  to make the right cosmetic judgement.

In the FILLER section Jose Abel de la Pena  made a plea that plastic surgeons should take seriously shaping the face with hyaluronic acid as it is a precise technique requiring good aesthetic judgement and should not be left to untrained practitioners or we shall loose the market for facial rejuvenation. He showed very elegantly how judicious use of filler could reshape a nose and chin getting a good aesthetic result without  intrusive surgery and minimal problems.

However Stephen Gilbert showed a case of recurrent granuloma in the cheeks of a 65 year old woman who had had  hyaluronic acid injected into her face  a year before with out a problem  but on reinjection developed bilateral inflamed areas  settling with conservative treatment  and hylase on one side but not  so well with local steroid on the other  and leaving distinct hollows on both sides,

The expert opinion was that this must be due to infection with  sub clinical bacteria in a biofilm rather than hypersensitivity.

 Further reasons for caution with HA fillers was given by Jan Poel with a case of tip necrosis in the nose and  by Leslie Kuek  with a  case of  injected “bone powder” causing  quite extensive dorsal skin necrosis. Tim Marten emphasised the benefits of immediate hyperbaric oxygen treatment as well as hylase injection.

After a brief coffee break Rolf Norstrom chaired  the session on  the PREFERRED FACE LIFTING TECHNIQUES  of experienced surgeons Jurgen Holle, Alfonso Barrera, Daniel Knutti and Hans-Leo Nathrath who all showed good results while manipulating SMAS rather differently.

Jurgen preferred a high SMAS  with full release of the retaining ligaments transferring it vertically, with a short post auricular scar and lipofilling with a sharp needle.

Alfonso suspends the SMAS  to the malar periosteum and freeing the submental tissue with a liposuction cannula suspends it with a mastoid to mastoid Gianpapa style suture . He can disguise a pre sideburn scar with hair transplants but this is seldom necessary.

Daniel likes minimal skin undermining and fixation of the SMAS to the firm parotid fascia and has shown  with marker clips that in his hands there is  only a 5mm slide of the SMAS over 6months.

Hans-Leo,  working with ICAPS Member Gossi,  and using contrasting techniques  on either side showed that a Daniel Baker type SMASectomy was less effective  than SMAS advancement. He also showed a long term result of open subperiosteal facelift  which resulted in a marked change of appearance of the patient and needed correcting by preperiosteal methods.

On TUESDAY   FACE LIFTING WITH AUGMENTATION  was the first topic. Catherine Bergeret-Galley showed excellent results of simultaneous face lifting and Lipostructure which she had learned from Tom Roberts,. She put in up to forty cc or more of centrifuged fat  especially defining the jaw line, enhancing the malar mounds and dramatically reducing dark circles under the eyes.

Onur Erol showed how adding suspension sutures to a 3D volumetric facelift with SMAS plication,  could reduce the redundant skin under the chin and give a more permanent lift to the lateral brow. These techniques can be used with Lipostructure with or with out a face lift.

Bernard Cornet de St Cyr  again demonstrated the need for a short upper lip in a beautiful face  and showed  his technique for achieving this with the modified bull horn excision of sub nasal tissue hiding some of the scar well above the nostril sill. He also told a cautionary tale of the dangers of trying a new technique on a demanding patient whom you were trying particularly hard to please_____ in this case using silhouette sutures which resulted in marked asymmetry and dimpling and then a temporary complete one sided facial palsy  when he tried a quick fix with a superficial mini lift under local anaesthetic.

Tim Martin  and Bryan Mendelson discussed the benefits and  precautions of  precise subcapsular partial submandibular gland excision to give a clean neck in selected cases.  Tim showed with very clear anatomical pictures how by approaching the gland from the medial aspect through a submental incision set back another centimetre from the usual position avoided the nerves and blood vessels lying on the lateral surface of the capsule.

The risk of a postoperative haematoma is thus minimised in experienced hands but this is not an operation for the inexperienced post conference enthusiast.

We then proceeded to the NOSE  section in which Gaith Shubilait showed his technique for primary open rhinoplasty  talking to a beautifully photographed video  taken in a bloodless field provided by his anaesthetist with hypotensive general anaesthesia  down to 80mgs  and local anaesthetic with adrenaline. His principals were sub mucosal separation of the upper lateral cartilages  from the septum starting with a midline dorsal periosteal incision and then turning in the excess upper lateral cartilage  as an auto spreader flap. He used mattress sutures to straighten the septum and made a point of anchoring  the dislocated quadrilateral cartilage to the nasal spine  with a suture placed through a drill hole.

 Abel  discussed the Metzino nose where there is  a superabundance of skin and soft tissue but a fragile cartilaginous supporting structure. To give this a more defined shape required thinning the soft tissue and strengthening the support with spreader and columella strut cartilaginous grafts. The spreader grafts frequently extended  sub periosteally over the nasal bones and  he built up the premaxilla with diced cartilage. A tip graft was also usually needed.

Next was the BREAST section in which Gaston-Francois Mallard first discussed the current situation with PIP implants outlining the history of how the  European regulatory commission of which he was a member had been duped by the manufacturer by substituting at the time of inspection  medical grade silicone   for  the  cheaper industrial grade they were actually using. However there is no pathological evidence that this cruder silicone was actually harmful and the issue is more with a 25% rupture rate and silicone seepage not unlike the fragile Dow Corning  liquid silicone ones of yesteryear. 400,000 had been sold.  The  owner of PIP is now serving a four year jail term in France and had to pay a fine of $75,000. The company has no money to pay any compensation. In Holland at least the government has paid for removing and replacing  the implants.

Carlos Uebel, the current ISAPS president,  then followed with a very nice video presentation of his preferred breast reduction technique using the Pitanguy  inverted T pattern and a lateral dermoglanudular pedicle. The results were pert and youthful not unlike those on the female statues adorning Vienna. Crucial points were making a central tunnel into which the breast parenchyma  could be  advanced upwards and secured  to the pectoral fascia and  sewing the lateral pillars together  to help hold it there and narrow the breast.

Harry Fok presented a perplexing case of late expanding organised thrombus in a breast associated with a smooth implant  with no associated trauma.

On our last scientific morning  Joe Hunstad showed how body contouring for massive weight loss patients has come of age. He  achieved an excellent shape with good quality scars using  circumferential tumescent liposuction with large volumes of very dilute  lignocaine and adrenaline and a fleur de lis designed abdominoplasty.This got rid of that annoying boggy loose supraumbilical excess of fat and skin seen after the standard  lipo-abdomino plasty. He did not have to transfuse his patients who ended up  with a haemoglobin  of 11or 12 gms and went home the next day.  Using the oral anticoagulant Xarelto Joe had avoided VET or haematomas in all his patients.

Pier Luigi Canto then gave a very elegant review of his results of intramuscular buttock implantation emphasising how these must be smooth walled to avoid future seromas. He captured our attention with slides of the latest female underware accentuating the buttock rather than the breast, presumably  to catch the male eye.

Tim Martin then concluded our scientific meeting with an invited talk  on lipo filling around the orbit to rejuvenate a tired face demonstrating how this is  really an artistic art form rather than a matter of  technical specifics. In other words we are really now sculpturing the face  rather than tightening it, essentially doing at least 5 rhinoplasty type operations  and the artist in us must determin where and how much. This not unlike Sir Harold Gillies transferring tube pedicals to the face and then crafting them into a new face.

Finally Rolf Nordstrom of Finland gave us a video summarising his life in plastic surgery to date.  At this  time he is  making a significant change in his lifestyle    having sold his clinic operating company. We await with interest a follow up on how he is  coping with his new freedom from administration.

The academic day  concluded with the business  meeting and sincere thanks to Jurgen and his able secretary and tour guide  EVA for providing us with an oustanding time in Vienna,  the European capital of HISTORY CULTURE AND MEDICAL SCIENCE.

Stephen Gilbert

Scientific convenor

Letters From  Jurgen Holle, 18 May, 2014

Dear friends.

After these days of friendship, outstanding  interesting scientific presentations and discussions and many happy hours together,  I am really sorry these days are history.

It was a pleasure for me , Inge and Eva trying to present Vienna at its best.

I hope everybody enjoyed the day as a much as we did and I hope we meet again next year.

All the best for this outstanding group


Letters From  Dirk Richter, 8 May, 2014

Dear Maarten,

I have wired the amount of 20.893,86€ to the new ICAPS account. This is 1€ less than the total amount of the working account - to keep this account open for other purposes. I hope that this will be ok for you.

Tomorrow you will receive a list of the payments from our members from my secretary Anja Tusch so that you have a complete overview of the financial situation.

In the past we have postponed about 10.000€ for reservations so that there will be enough money to work with for the meeting.

The purpose of the fees has always been to have a good cash flow for our meetings to make reservations and if there is enough money, as we have at the moment, the board can decide to spend some of this money for social events during the meeting as well, as we did in Positano.

Unfortunately I will not be able to come to Vienna this year as I am still suffering from a disc hernia at the neck which is getting better but still needs therapy.

I am sure that you will have a great time in Austria and I wish you great success and fun. I would love to be with you and I am sure to be better next year.

Please give my best wishes to all of our members and friends and have a great time.

Warm personal regards


Letters From  Jurgen Holle, 26 April, 2014

Dear friends

I want to inform you about a few changes  concerning our social program:

1.  On Sunday 11th  we meet between 10:15 and 10:30 in the private area of Elisabeth Gürtler,  the head of the” Spanish Hofreitschule” for  a cocktail party and  a short introduction concerning the place and event.

2. The opera performance starts this Sunday at 4 pm instead of 7pm and we will have our dinner afterwards in the hotel Sacher at 8pm.

3. On Monday 12th  we had to change the restaurant for dinner from Schweizerhaus to Plachutta ( Wollzeile) and leave the hotel with the bus at 7pm.

I hope of perfect weather and a special mood of you all !

Looking forward



Letters From  Stephen Gilbert, 22April, 2014

Dear Jurgen and Viennese ICAPS attendees,

Attached is the final version of the scientific program and the latest version of the social programme. I am also sending them to all other ICAPS members for their interest. There is some spare time on Wednesday morning for Rolf, Daniel Lee, and Chin Ho to present if they wish or if I have overlooked their email with their presentations. and for some 5 min cases which should be handed in to me the evening before. Speakers are asked to keep to time. 15 mins for 'long' talk 5 mins for short case presentation. A red light controlled by the moderator will warn you when your 10 mins presentation time is up and again after discussion when the full 15 mins is up. There is some flexibility built into be used at the discretion of the moderators Please note the nominated moderators are Stephen, Rolf, Catherina, Woffles, Daniel Knutti, Jurgen, Joe. Unfortunately Jan has to leave after the Monday sessions and Bryan after Tuesday ones. We appreciate their getting to Vienna for some of the time. Please give some thought to items for the AGM agenda and email them to Gaith, our secretary. Members not attending ICAPS Vienna 2014 should also send in items for the business meeting agenda. Thank you all for forwarding your presentations in good time so that the programme can be arranged in an interesting easily digestible way, giving every one a more or less equal opportunity to speak. Thanks to Bryan for his advice I shall ask for feed back at the wind up session.

Best wishes

Stephen Scientific Programme Convenor

For more information on our services please visit This message may contain privileged and confidential information intended only for the use of the addressee named above. If you are not the intended recipient of this message you are hereby notified that any use, dissemination, distribution or reproduction of this message is prohibited. If you have received this email in error please notify me by return mail.

Letters From  Stephen Gilbert, 19 April, 2014


Dear ICAPS Vienna Colleagues,

Scientific Program; The list of talks offered so far follows is attached.
  I have not received topics from Daniel Knutti, Daniel Lee, Maarten Flechner, Tim Marten, Chin -Ho Wong
  My apologies if I have overlooked your email.
  Please send me your topics by return email otherwise you will risk not having them listed in the official progrmmme.
  As ICAPS is an egalitarian society this time at least every one is being offered 15 mins podium time. 10 mins presentation 5 mins discussion
  You may fill this with short cases or one" long" talk
  There may be time on the last morning to have some more short 2min plus
3 mins discussion presentations You can offer those now or on the first day.

Registration Fees; About half the attendees' registration fees have not yet been received in Jurgens ICAPS bank account.
  As a courtesy to Jurgen, who is funding the set up costs of this meeting himself, if you have not already done so, please pay the registration fees into the appended bank account now.
  Anyone who has not paid their registration fees a week before the meeting starts runs the risk of being excluded fom Cultural Events which have to be prepaid.
  The registration fees are Euro 1000 per member and Euro 900 per partner.

  Address of Bank : Erste Bank der oesterreichischen Sparkassen AG (Erste Bank Oesterreich) Graben 21, A-1010 Wien, Austria

2. Full Name of the beneficiary (payee) ; Dr.Juergen Holle

3. Address of the payee: Dr.Jürgen Holle , Krapfenwaldgasse 9, A-1190 Wien

4. Account number of payee: 20 37889 48 02,    BLZ: 20111
IBAN: AT 90 2011 1203 7889 4802




For more information on our services please visit [1]

This message may contain privileged and confidential information intended only for the use of the addressee named above.
If you are not the intended recipient of this message you are hereby notified that any use, dissemination, distribution or reproduction of this message is prohibited. If you have received this email in error please notify me by return mail.

Letters From  Stephen Gilbert, 5 April, 2014

Dear Gaston, 

I am sorry to be slow in replying to this email. For some reason some go to my chief nurse and don't always get to me promptly. 

Best to reply to

I       Polo shirt    Please do them particularly if they are  are good quality.    I am about your size i think unless you have put on muscle since I last saw you. My Cub one was a bit tight.  It would be nice if we had them to  play golf in. They would need to be delivered to our hotel rooms or perhaps you could bring them with you to the golf course.  Could  they be paid for out of accumulated ICAPS funds?

2     I am all for Argentina and Buenos Aires which is a short hop over the Pacific and the Andes from New Zealand. Perhaps some of us would like to come home via NZ where we could have a very nice golfing  and fly fishing  mini ICAPS meeting based in one of any number of world class lodges. 

I was asked to chair a panel at ISAPS RIO this year  but declined as Margaret wasn't interested in going back to RIO. We had a very good trip a few years ago vistiting  Liacyr Riebero, Ivo  Pitangy, Riccardo Barroudi and others. i saw  saw some great breast surgery from Liacyr and great bodies on Ipanema and Copacabana beaches.

3 Employing a top travel agent, as Woffles did,   and I understand  was used on Mikanos with the same one being used in Cuba,  would save the local host a lot of work and is essential if there is no local host.

i would like Gaston to prepare a budget and ideas for Argentina  to present at the AGM in Wien. Gaston showed what he could do with his masterly


I had a mini ICAPS meeting in Auckland recently with Nevin Olivari and Darryl Hodgkinson who were invited speakers to a conference on History, Art and Plastic Surgery in which the contributions of New Zealanders Pickeril, Gillies, MacIndoe,  Barron and Manchester to modern plastic surgery were explored in detail. There were other  visiting speakers from Europe including Brent Tanner who is a very affable chap and Mike EASSON ran a course on sculpture and drawing for plastic surgeons.

Nevin says he is not coming to Vienna and finds ICAPS too expensive.  It is a reminder that  we are all getting older and if ICAPS is to survive we need a regular influx of younger people.

Nevin enjoyed himself in Auckland. He is with two young trainees.  Are they the future face of Plastic Surgery?


Best wishes   Stephen

Letters From  Jurgen Holle, 1 April, 2014

Dear friends, board of the ICAPS group!

I am happy to be the local host of the 2014 ICAPS-meeting in Vienna, but I have the following requirements:

I prepared the social program in the hope to present Vienna as its best without overfilling the days and nights.

My secretary Eva Klausner and I calculated the costs of the program with about 1000 € for the participants ( the meeting room, the media transmission and the coffee break in addition ) and 900 € for the accompany person.

If the social program ( again added ) is not accepted by the group it will be simple to cancel now, but it is not possible to cancel shortly before the meeting.

If at the end of the meeting the clarification of the cost demonstrate a plus we transfer it back to the treasurer of the group, if there is a debt, what we don't expect, we need to make the ICAPS- group to be in charge for it.

To be able to organize the social program in time it is necessary that every participant pays the registration fee as mentioned above now!

The opera tickets will be purchased today, most of the participants have paid the tickets.

If the weather is like it is now we will have a marvellous time in Vienna.


Inge and I are looking forward to be your local host!



Jürgen Holle

Letters From  Stephen Gilbert, 9 Feb, 2014

Thanks Jurgen.  This will certainly be our best visit to Vienna.

It is a pleasure working with you   to fine tune this meeting having learnt what  members'  prefer,  from their comments after previous meetings

Warm regards from a hot NZ.


Letters From  Jurgen Holle, 9 Feb, 2014

Dear Stephen,

We will have a red light  to stop speakers in time!

A printed academic program is fine and  the social program will be well organized in time for everybody.

I have a guest lecture concerning  culture and history of Vienna already organized and will tell you more about very soon.

Kind regards

Letters From  Stephen Gilbert, 9 Feb, 2014


Dear Jurgen,     1.  Thank you for your topic 'History and development of plastic surgery in Austria'.   How much time do you want for it. This will be a topic of interest to all members and partners. I think I told you iI went to one of the original microneurosurgical courses run in Vienna by Hano Millesi in 1976.  Do you have a guest lecturer  on the culture of Vienna in mind yet?

                             2.  I like ' ICAPS VIENNA:    HISTORY,    CULTURE,   SCIENCE'

                             3.  Thanks for arranging  the audio visual.  Can we have a red light to warn the speaker that time is nearly up, please.

                             4   I shall do a print out of the academic programme to hand out to every one at the welcome reception but will also put it on the website and email it to everyone beforehand.Perhaps your office could generate a social programme for each day to be distributed the day before with up to date  instructions.

                             5   Good idea to let people fill in their own name and country tags. Avoids unwitting faux pas.

  I am sure this will be one of our best meetings.

Yours     Sincerely  


Letters From  Stephen Gilbert, 15 Jan, 2014

Dear Onur, Jurgen and Colleagues.

Thank you for confirming our opera reservation Onur.  Category 2 is fine.

 I trust the new year has started well for you.   Margaret and I look forward to seeing you and Sevinc  in Vienna.Now that we have a confirmed list of participants and guest talks I  shall be working with Jurgen on the best way of arranging the  scientific programme to fit in with the exciting cultural programme he has organised and in particular establishing the time/length for  each person's primary presentation which is likely to be 10  minutes  with  5 minutes for questions and discussion.    In fairness to all of us  and in the interest of having a stimulating meeting with a ready exchange of ideas the time limit  will be strictly observed.

Also because of the satisfyingly large number attending we shall have to restrict everyone to only one primary presentation.

Your  presentation may be on any thing you choose which you think may be of interest to us and our partners, although I expect most will have an Aesthetic Plastic Surgery  flavour.

A couple of years ago at the excellent meeting Gaston arranged in Positano we had only twelve registrants  so we invited some lifestyle talks which were fascinating and helped us understand the vastly differing cultures in which we all passionately practise the same artistic craft of plastic surgery. This is what makes ICAPS so worthwhile and so stimulating, providing an international  intimacy not possible at larger meetings.

Talks likely to be of interest to our partners will be grouped at a time that will be convenient for them to attend if they wish.

There should also be time for some short  2 minute presentations  or " Bell Lectures"  followed by 5 minutes discussion on a case you  are desperate to share with us." Bell lecture" means a bell will ring after 2 minutes and you will have to stop talking and open the floor to discussion. (This worked well at a recent BAPRAS meting I attended in Oxford.)

Your topic can be the time honoured' problem, complication or new idea '  but I  also suggest you consider reporting a brilliant success instead of a complication. We hear  about plenty of the latter but too few of the former. This is your chance to skite  (boast)  but  be beware it will be followed by 5 minutes in which your colleagues have the chance to try to knock you off your perch. 

I am afraid that it is likely we shall have to restrict you to only one of these short presentations and there will not be time for everybody to make one. These slots will be allocated on a first in first served basis.

I would appreciate any feed back on the above outline and any ideas to help make this meeting take off.

Closing time  for titles of talks to be sent to me at this email address,, is the end of March.

 A spread sheet  of the whole programme will then be sent to you  for comment and a final programme sent  well before the meeting and published on our webste.

If you care to send an abstract of your talk this will be published on our website before the meeting otherwise a brief synopsis of it will be placed after the meeting with some points made in discussion. 

I look forward to your early response.

Best wishes for 2014.  See you in Wien.

Yours sincerely.

Stephen Gilbert    scientific programme convenor


Letters From  Bernard Cornette de Saint Cyr, 11 Dec, 2013

Dear Onur ,
bravo for the excellent website !
when I open  contribution of members I cannot write anything ,so I send you a list of my présentations 2013  in attached document.

Docteur Bernard Cornette de Saint Cyr

Letters From  Onur Erol, 11 Dec, 2013
Dear Friends,
As you know we created new web site for ICAPS and received a lot of compliments from many of you. However this is not sufficient , the web site should be active all time to keep it alive. For this reason we need to continuously add new items into the web site. Please keep in mind that the web site belongs to each one of you and I kindly request the input of everyone. First of all please frequently visit ICAPS web site and check your personal data , and inform us  for any changes you wish.
In the web site there is a section (CONTRIBUTION OF OUR MEMBERS) which is not completed yet. Please provide us the informations given below:
1-Your publications in the last 3 years
2- your scientific presentations in 2013
3- your academic or administrative post during the last 3 years.
My best regards
Onur Erol

Letters From  Stephen Gilbert, 20 Nov, 2013

Hi Leslie, Daniel, Gaston,Bernard, Anna,  Jurgen, and other Golfers, and Gaith,Dirk,Woffles,Bryan,Onur,

Likewise  Margaret and I  plan to arrive Friday evening and play golf on the Saturday. We may even arrive a day earlier to get fit for the impending competition.  Is this for the Gaston-Francois  Maillard Cup?

I like the concept of reintroducing golf as part of the ICAPS  meeting. Gaston has outlined on our web page how like minded European Plastic Surgeons felt the need for smaller more informal and more enjoyable  meetings than were available through the National and International Societies  and first set up the Alpine Workshop and then when they grew older more cautious took to golf which is actually  a mentally and physically more demanding sport than skiing, both being made possible nowadays for  aging aficianados by improved technology.

My longstanding friend and compatriot, David Tolhurst, told me that the programme for the  original Alpine Workshop Meetings  involved skiing all day and presenting papers at the bar in the evening.

Each participant  had to present a good idea, a good result  and a complication or  request for help. The idea  was to keep the presentations short and snappy, entertaining and informative with plenty of audience participation.

We need to discuss  at the  AGM how we want ICAPS to  progress. I personally can see no point in emulating ASPS or ISAPS and having as series of serious academic lectures with minimal time for interjection and minimal audience participation. If we think we have the answer to something we can present it in 5 minutes and then be shot down by our colleagues. This sort of intellectual  debate should be the highlight of the meeting  in  which we can  all anticipate with enthusiasm and, having indulged, go on to enjoy the social/cultural programme and further informal discussion.

I have written this to provoke discussion at the AGM.

Best wishes,

Stephen Gilbert,

Scientific Programme Convenor. 

Letters From  T.J.Marten, 18 Nov, 2013

This sounds absolutely fantastic!

Letters From  Hans-Leo, 17 Nov, 2013

Dear Jürgen, dear Onür, dear ICAPS- friends,


please do register our coming to our meeting in May in Vienna.


As I mentioned , when we met in Singapore, a very good friend of our family is

Martin Hasselböck, a superb Vienna- conductor, composer and organist. He just

has been working with the actor John Malkovich, where I met him the other day.

He would be willing to join us for an evening and for instance open us parts

of the „Hofburg“, which are closed for the public. We could have an music-

artistic event there for instance in combination with our dinner, if desired

and of course if this does not interfere your plans, dear Jürgen, as you did

organize everything already so perfectly.

Martin will come back from LA the 12th of May, so the only possibilities would

be the 13th or the 14th of May, which would mean, that the evening- programs

would have to be exchanged. On the other hand, to have dinner in those

„secret“ rooms of the Hofburg is something very special.

We are looking forward to seeing the all of yours in Vienna and please let me

know, if you want me to „activate“ that friend of mine.


Our best wishes, Hans- Leo

Letters From  Stephen Gilbert, 18 Nov, 2013 

Dear Jurgen,  

Touche.   My humble apologies for the typo which omitted The Spanish Riding School  from the cultural programme.  Something not to be missed on a visit to Vienna

Margaret and I saw a performance in 1976 when in Vienna for Hanno Millesi's  pioneering microneurosurgical course with Alfred Berger and Dr Pisa. 

I  shall put it back into the provisional programme table and recirculate it to all members.

Thank you for arranging a guest lecturer on the culture and history of Vienna which I think would go well in the hour before lunch on the second academic day,Tueday, so that all partners can attend and then we would all go on to lunch.

Also a 15 minute presentation from you on the history of Plastic Surgery in Austria  on the first morning would set the context  of our meeting nicely.

I think this talk  would be best immediately after the introductory remarks  from Onur our chairman to start the first morning off.


Presumably you will want to make some welcoming remarks at the welcoming cocktail party on Sunday 

Letters From  Jürgen Holle, 13 Nov, 2013 

Dear Stephen,

I agree with your meeting proposal and will be able to invite a historian to give a guest lecture concerning the historical and cultural backgrounds of Vienna.

But we should not remove the “Spanish Riding School Performance”  (  from our program on Sunday morning 11 pm. This one of the Viennese cultural highlight since the 15th century,  it is located in a spectacular location build 1730   in the Hofburg castle.

In addition I can give a review of the history of Austrian Plastic Surgery ( 15 min ) during the scientific meeting.

What do you think about !

Best regards


Letters From  Stephen Gilbert, 10 Nov, 2013 

Letters From  Alexis Verpaele, 30 Sep, 2013 

Dear Onur,

I am sorry that I won't be able to attend the Vienna ICAPS meeting.

I wish you all possible success, and looking at the enthousiastic response, you are well on the way :)!!

Best regards,



Letters From  Wong Chin Ho, 27 Sep, 2013 

Dear Onur,

I will be attending the meeting in Vienna with my wife Yi-Shi Wang

I look forward to seeing everyone again

With my best


Letters From Lesie Kuek, 24 Sep, 2013 

Dear Onur and friends,

Sarah and I will be pleased to attend.

Best regards to all.

Leslie Kuek 


Letters From T.J. Marten, 24 Sep, 2013 

Hi Onur,

I had responded previously with I think I can come but I don't see my name on your list so I am writing now to say that Mary and I would like to join the group.

I have meetings before and after so the scheduling is tight, but it appears we can make it.  

So sorry if my previous response did not reach you.

I hope you can still include us.


Letters From  Gaston Maillard, 22 Sep, 2013

In principle everything looks  OK for theses dates !

The President in Charge is Prof Onur Erol in Istambul

The General Secretary is Prof Gaith Shubailat in Aman-Jordan

The Treasurer Prof Dirk Richter in Köln

I am only the "intermediate"for the preparation  and Prof Juergen Holle will be the local Host .

 I think that a good number of attendees will participate  and we are also discussing about a Golf Contest on the top Course around Wienna for the Golfers one day in advance if possible !

So you will receive a formal decision very soon from the above cited Authorities



Letters From  Jose Abel De la Pena Salcedo, 09 Sep, 2013

Thank you for your information about the metting for 2014 in Vienna, I may attend thank you in advance received my regards
José Abel De la Peña Salcedo 

Letters From  Bernard Cornette de Saint Cyr, 02 Sep, 2013

Dear Onur ,
I gave you a positive answer for my attendance to ICAPS Vienna .Not received ! ?
I will come with Michelle .
But please do not mention me for next presidency. I am absolutly not candidate .
It is impossible in my life organisation.
I love Icaps ,as member and founder with Tom Roberts but I never accepted to be president .
Looking forward to seeing you in Vienna.
my best regards
Docteur Bernard Cornette de Saint Cyr

Letters From Antonio de la Fuente, 02 Sep, 2013

Dear Onur,

I may attend the meeting and I´ll do my best to assist.

Best regards to all,

Antonio de la Fuente.


Letters From Maarten Fechner, 01 Sep, 2013

Dear Onur, 

We will attend the meeting in Vienna!

Brigitte and Maarten Fechner

Letters From Antonio de la Fuente, 01 Sep, 2013

Dear Onur I will also attend the meeting. 

Best regards to all

Antonio de la Fuente

Letters From Jose Abel De la Pena Salcedo, 28 Aug, 2013

Dear friends:

I will attend Viena meeting I hope see all of you there.

Kind regards

José Abel De la Peña Salcedo 

Letters From Gaston-François Maillard, 28 Aug, 2013

of course I & Nicole will attend


Letters From Christoph Wolfensberger, 28 Aug, 2013

Dear Onur,

Sacher Vienna : Great Location !  We know the owner : The charming Elisabeth Gürtler !

We will attend.

Petra & Christoph


Letters From T.J. Marten, 28 Aug, 2013


I may be able to attend and would very much like to.

 I am tightly scheduled to two meetings before and after the dates that have been chosen but think I can make it work.

T. J. Marten


Letters From Stephen Gilbert, 28 Aug, 2013

Dear Onur,  Margaret and I shall attend.      

Warm regards   Stephen


Letters From Darrly Hodgkinson, 28 Aug, 2013

I will attend

Darryl Hodgkinson


Letters From Gaith Shubailat, 28 Aug, 2013

Of course Zein and I will attend. Looking forward to seeing you all with no exception

Gaith Shubailat 

Letters From Glenn W. Jelks, 28 Aug, 2013

We will not be able to attend. Thank you and Jurgen for all the efforts to coordinate meeting.

gwj ebj


Letters From Joseph Hunstad, 28 Aug, 2013

Dear friends,

Sherry and I have been absent too long. We are excited to join everyone again in Vienna in May 2014

Onur,  Thank you so much for all your enthusiasm and energy toward keeping the ICAPS group moving forward. Job well done indeed.

Best regards - Joe and Sherry Hunstad


Letters From Catherine Bergeret-Galley , 28 Aug, 2013

I will attend too. Warm regards to all of you. 

Catherine Bergeret-Galley

Chirurgien Plastique et Esthetiqu


Letters From Alfonso Barrera , 27 Aug, 2013

I will be there and look forward to it!!

Alfonso Barrera,M.D., 

Letters From Carlos Uebel , 27 Aug, 2013

Dear Onur , thank you for your email and about our next ICAPS 2014 in Vienna I may attend.

Kind regards from Carlos Uebel 

Letters From Daniel Knutti , 27 Aug, 2013

Dear Onur

I will attend.

Best Daniel

Letters From Onur Erol , 27 Aug, 2013

Dear Friends , 

As you may recall from our previous correspondence in Singapore meeting, 'VIENNA' was chosen for the 2014 meeting. As we understand from the correspondence from most members this choice appeared with great enthusiasm among members. 

Prof. Jürgen Holle kindly accepted to be the representative host for this meeting. With the impact of Gaston and Jürgen already the organization is being realised  for a nice hotel in Vienna. After looking into all,  I organised the dates of other meetings so that there will be no conflict with our meeting. 

We decided to schedule the dates of the subject 2014 meeting  between 10-14 of May. The venue will be at 'HOTEL SACHER WIENN'.  To finalize this organization, Dr Jürgen needs your quick reply for your possible attendance preference . We kindly request your answer even if you can not attend the meeting. 

We hope this meeting will attract wide interest among our members once again. To help the host for the organization purposes, 
Please answer as either the following: 
1- I will attend, 
2- I may attend, 
3- I regret that I will not attend. 
The Vienna meeting

Please  answer which ever your answer is. Your quick reply will help the host to organize the hotel asap without delays.

Meeting venue: Hotel Sacher Wien, web site:



Letters From Stephen Gilbert, 27 Aug, 2013

Dear Jurgen,   

 What a fantastic bon vivant and cultural program you have outlined.  Margaret and I have been to Vienna twice before. The  first time as impecunious junior doctors in 1974 and then later to an international microsurgery meeting so we know something of the treat you have in store for us.  The  Spanish Riding School is a must and then you have a nice balance of music, art , wine and fine dining within some of the show pieces of Vienna, and the chance to get to know your city. Those who want to do more can come earlier and leave later. We shall  probably visit Salzburg and Berlin, possibly even doing a river cruise.

I like your plan to give us a full day introduction to Vienna and not start the scientific program  till Monday. I think three sessions  9-12 is ample including the business meeting to which we should allocate at least an hour and a half with the possibility of running on as there are a number of contentious issues to resolve if we are to ensure the future of ICAPS.

I do not see the scientific content as the raison d'etre of ICAPS.  We all attend prestigious aesthetic scientific meetings and can display our brilliance there if that way motivated. Rather ICAPS is a traveling  club of  international congenial but motivated top quality aesthetic plastic surgeons who like to discuss the latest aesthetic  surgical issues of the day while enjoying fine wining and dining and experiencing new cultures.

So to me the cultural program is the big draw and I am sure many members will want to come to Vienna. 

It would be presumptuous of me to make any suggestions to you  of what we should do in Vienna. I am sure you have all the best options covered.  The only suggestion I would make is this. Is there a possibility of some audience participation in the artistic side. I know we will whole heartedly take part in the wine tasting  but what  about the Viennese waltz?   Is there the possibility of getting some instruction perhaps as part of a dinner dance. I have always found I am hopeless dancing with my wife but in the arms of a professional I can be quite brilliant.

As for the scientific program the consensus is that no one should have more than one 15 min presentation with 5 mins discussion. Depending on the number coming we can then fill the rest of the time with case presentations as I out lined before, keeping strictly to the allotted time so that the discussion becomes the main focus and the closer  we are  together in the lecture room the better;  the idea being to have relaxed informal cross chat and make this different to the big self consciously formal meetings.

I think we have enough here to enable us to send out an early preliminary notice of the meeting  together with the provisional social program and an invitation for every one to consider their 15 min presentation, which can be lifestyle if they prefer, as well as having at least one case presentation to illustrate   a brilliant success (clever idea), complication (disaster) and how it was handled, or a crie de coeur ( request for  advice). I would insist that each of these presentations would have no more than say five slides so that the discussion becomes the focus.  For every body's maximum enjoyment we absolutely must stick to time.

Have you thought up a catchy theme for your meeting"?  Are your web people able to produce a bright master slide to catch the imagination of our members. We could then email all members and put it on the web site.  I suppose you will want to give them the hotel details too but I think we should get out a preliminary notice of the meeting as soon as possible and we can follow it with reminders  and more details at regular intervals.

We are really looking forward to a splendid week in Vienna

Best wishes      Stephen  ( and  Margaret  .)

ICAPS Meeting 2014

Saturday 10th May

 Welcome cocktail und dinner Hotel Sacher

Sunday 11th May 


11:00     Spanish Horse-riding School -Performance

Lunch and Visit:    Albertina -Castel and Museum


Bustour Wachau- Spitz an der Donau

Dinner in Dürnstein

Monday 12th May


Scientific meeting


Visit and Lunch -   Schönbrunn- Castel




Opera- Norma

Dinner-Hotel Sacher or Ital. Restaurant San Carlo

Tuesday 13th May


Scientific Meeting

Lunch:  Plachutta near Opera


Guided tour through Vienna with a carriage and visit of the  Kunsthistorische Museum


 Concert or

"Heuriger" in Grinzing

Wednesday 14th May


 Scientific Meeting

 Lunch: Do&Co in front of the St.Stephans Cathedral or Schweizerhaus in Prater


 Visit of Belvedere Castle with guided tour to the museum


Steirereck ( one of the 10 best restaurants of the world)



Letters From Stephen Gilbert , 22 Aug, 2013

I inform you that Daniel Knutti piloted me & Wife to Munich were we met Goswin v.Mallinkrodt & Hans-Leo Nathrath + wifes.A meeting full of frendship and professional discussions. Goswin is now informed directly about the future meeting in Wienna and will also contact Juergen Holle and promised to join !
I met also in Lausanne Michel Pfulg,<la Clinic> TERRITET MONTREUX, SWITZERLAND I think with Daniel Knutti that he could be invited next year and could be a candidate having the right profile.
Gaston Maillard

Letters From Stephen Gilbert , 22 Aug, 2013

Dear Jurgen, 

  Thanks for your reply.    I look forward to working with you to make this an outstanding meeting.    It is certainly an outstanding venue and was warmly agreed to in Singapore by all members present.

The academic program can easily  be constructed to fit in with the social program which I think should have priority.  The academic  content will depend on how many members are coming and the time we have available.

I look forward to hearing your ideas for the meeting so we can put together and send out  an early notice to all members.  It would be eye catching to have a Viennese back ground for the notices. Is this something your office can conjure up?

  In the mean time I shall send out a  preliminary notice to all members to save the dates of 10 - 14 May  2014.


       Best Regards        


Letters From  Byran Mendelson, 19 Aug, 2013

Dear Stephen and all,

Great news about ICAPS Vienna in MAY 2014.

All indications are that I will be able to attend and Debora, my wife will be able to come also.

We are looking forward to hearing further news and enjoying the experience with everyone.


With my best wishes to all,


Letters From Woffles Wu , 03 May, 2013

Dear Friends,

By now many of you will be traveling to Singapore.

Whilst we are still in the process of finalising all costs, may I request that you all bring SGD 1300 (About 810 Euro) per person to cover all the food, transport tours. I will need to collect this from each of you as I have paid fo rmost of these things myself. I did not get any funds from Treasurer so we should settle this ourselves. The only additionals are entrance fees to certain museums which only the ladies will be going to and will pay on the day. So ladies, bring some spare cash.

So far I have paid for the following:

Concert tickets - $80 per head
Dinner at Iggy’s  - $350++ per head
Dinner at Esplanade - $65++ per head
Lunch 1 - $60++ per head
Lunch 2 - $60++ per head
Lunch 3 - $60 ++per head
Transport/coaches - $80 ++per head
Tour guide and planning of tours - $100 per head
Tips to drivers etc - $350
Thomas Brandt Lecture - $500
Conference Room and AV facilities - $600

Look forward to seeing you all soon.




Letters From Stephen Gilbert , 19 April, 2013

Dear Woffles and Chin Ho

I hope you enjoyed ASAPS Ho. Thanks for helping with the scientific program. Below is my suggestion for its  organisation together with an agenda for the Business  meeting with input from Onur. 

 I have fitted in all the topics offered. I had made a mistake in my initial calculation of the time available and there now appears to be plenty of time for everybody to have a 15 minute slot with 5 mins discussion for their main paper and a bit less for secondary papers  and about 5 mins for case presentations.

I have given ST and WW half an hour each for their stem cell talks which should allow plenty of time for discussion.

Gaston asked if he could moderate a controversies session rather than give a paper as he is not operating now but is still teaching. I have put Leslie's talk on Atromid in this section with the opportunity to discuss our position on other fillers. Also botox,lasers, hyperpigmentation and PIP implants.

Hans Leo has not offered a paper yet so I suggest Gaston contact him and ask him to give us an update on PIP implants. (Please Gaston?)

 It is obviously best to have the business meeting on Friday as I am sure there would be a poor attendance if we had it on the Sat am. In any case Gaith and Daryl are not available then.   Onur has asked that we have a brief discussion about next year's venue on the first day so that we can then email non attending members with our suggestions and we hope we will get replies back in time for our business meeting before lunch on Friday

Please feel free to fine tune this as you wish and put it in a flasher format for circulating to all members coming or not as soon as possible so they know the time available for their talks   There is time to fit in a few case I expect on Thursday. It is important we do not encroach on the business meeting.  You may wish to put in the full titles of the talks

I hope there are not too many glaring errors.

Regards   Stephen


8 May, Wednesday

09:00am Welcome  and Introduction to Program

Woffles  Wu

  Discussion on location of next years meeting  Onur Erol
09:30am Concepts of beauty and aging. Anatomical and Aesthetic needs of Asians Woffles  Wu
09:50am Arcs of beauty in Caucasian volumetric face lifting   Stephen  Gilbert
10:10am Soft tissue spaces and retaining ligaments  

Wong Chin Ho (Guest)

10:30am  TEA BREAK  
10:50am Fourteen years of Mid Face Lifts  Ana Badin
11:10am Modified Fogli Lift Darryl Hodgkinson
11:30 Threads Woffles  Wu
11:50am Subbrow  Daniel  Lee  (guest)
12:10 Sub periostial mid face lift for festoons      Daniel Knutti
12:30 Ectropian;  Crie de coeur (5 mins) Ana Badin


9 May, Thursday

09:00am Stem  cells (Guest Speaker)ST Lee     
09:30am Lipocondensation and stem cells Woffles  Wu
10:00am Lipolysis  with external ultra sound and   phosphatidylchol    Daniel Knutti
10:30am TEA BREAK
10:50am 20 Years of video-endoscopic  plastic  Marco Correa (Guest)
11:10 Recreational drugs in aesthetic surgery Daryl    Hodgkinson


11:30am Deviated Nose Onur Erol
  New device for safely introducing dorsal graft                                                                    
11:50 Salvage rhinoplasty Gaith Shubalaith
12:10 Eurasian  Nose                       Daryl    Hodgkinson
12:30  LUNCH  


10 May, Friday

09:00am Lipoabdominoplasty with previous flap resection Arnaldo
09:20am Facial and body contour with temporal implants Abel de la Pena
09:40am Body implants  
m CONTROVERSIES - Moderator; Gaston
10:00am Atromid (polyacrylamide);    Is it a good or bad filler? Leslie Kuek
  Discussion on relative value of modern  crossl-ilnked hyaluronic fillers.     Gaston,   Leslie,    Woffles

Hyperpigmentation; melasma and and after eyelid laser treatment

Ana, Woffles
  PIP breast implants:  Does ICAPS have a consensus on management? Hans- Leo
  Scars:    Do Botox and lasers really help?                                                                   Woffles

Micro fat  grafting and  Fraxel laser for burns scars     

10:30am TEA BREAK                    


       SECRETARY GENERAL - GAITH                                                                                                            AGENDA


1  Apologies

2  Membership

Present policy. Future policy ; 

Offering of membership to sponsored guest plastic surgeons.  

Those offered membership  invited to join meeting                                                                                            

2    Minutes of previous meeting

3    President's report                                               Onur

4   Treasurer's report                                                Dirk

5   Election of officers


5   New ICAPS  Web Site;                                        Onur                 presentation,new suggestions from members,international             , before and afters, links


6   Next year's  Venue;  Discussion of results of poll of membership at large.

Selection of venue