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ICAPS = International Consortium of Plastic Surgeons = a group of elected members : good friends & fully internationally educated Plastic Surgeons. 2-3 representatives per country from all over the World following the same scientific and social principles like the former ALPINE & St. ANDREWS WORKSHOP in Plastic Surg.

In brief: at an important IPRAS meeting 1970 in Madrid-Spain, a young generation of Plastic Surgeons (all chief Residents at that time)disappointed by the bad level of exchanges in these "classic" types of Congresses, decided to better manage time & money and founded  "The ALPINE WORKSHOP IN PLASTIC SURGERY". Founders were: Hans Anderl, Wolfgang Muelbauer, Daniel Marchac, Jacques Baudet, Riccardo Mazzola, Leo Clodius, Kob Winsch, Gaston-F. Maillard . The first meeting, a full week of combined ski-holidays, was organized in 03.1972 in St Christoph am Aarberg/Austria, the second 03.1973 in Crans-Montana/Switzerland, etc. It was found that it was ideally enough to exchange ideas during only 4 Hours per day/during 4 days by maximally shortening & condensing the scientific presentation, the remainder of the free time being devoted to sport activities (Ski, promenades, swimming) + gastronomy and friendship.  A different Top SKI-RESORT was chosen each year in one of the 4 "Alpine Countries": Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy)

After 20 years Daniel Marchac felt that a more "smart" Society had to be founded by mimicry of the "AMERICAN ASSOCIATION in PRS". From the initial group of Alpine WS-members the EURAPS was founded and held is first congress  in 1990 in Strasbourg-France.

Some of us felt that in spite of a great idea it could also be a step backwards from the original "ALPINE WORKSHOP" concept.  Also the ski became more dangerous as we grew in years ,  so with the aid of Bernard Cornette, Wolfgang Muelbauer, Madeleine Lejour, Helga Eder, Frank Trepsat, Christoph Wolfensberger, Goswin von Mallinckrodt, Heinz Bohmert, André Thion, Jean-Louis Debaere, Jean-Louis Goin, Thierry Besins, Douglas Harrisson, David Tolhurst, Barry Jones, G.Goranson, etc. I created the "St. ANDREWS WORKSHOP in Plastic Surgery" with the same concepts that those of Alpine but Golf instead of Ski. 1st meeting, a full week, was held in Opio-Cannes-France 1989 : we played 18 holes-competition of golf every day + an half day of science and of course Gastronomy & Wine Tasting in a Top-World Class Golf Resort. This lasted 10 years: Vittel-France, Château L'Arc-Bernard Buffet/France, Villa d'Este-Como-Italy, Glen Eagles/Scotland, Geneva-Lake Area (Switzerland) + Divonne (France), Schloss Fuschl/Salzburg-Austria, Dar-el-Salam-Rabat/Marocco in 1997. Sadly the 1998 planned Antalya-Turkey meeting was to be cancelled because of political unrest.

When Tom Roberts, Christoph Wolfensberger, Bernard Cornette, Onur and Goswin decided to create ICAPS, a continuity was found : most of St. Andrews or Alpine WS joined enthusiasticaly !

1st Meeting was 1999 in Tom's town SPARTENBURG-SouthCarolina-USA (Tom, Onur,  Marco Gasparotti " I am an artist not a surgeon by doing a liposuction", B.Cornette, Helga Eder, Chris.Wolfensberger, Carlos Uebel, Goswin v Mallinkrodt, Gaston F. Maillard, Syd Coleman, Jaime Planas, etc) + 3 days of Golf

2nd : 2000 Sienna-Italy (Christoph Wolfensberger, Tom, Cornette, Shubailat, Egle Mutti, Aldo Fontana, Onur, Spyro, Badin, Claude Lassus, Claude Lelouarn, Carlos Uebel, Marteen Flechner, Helga Eder, Goswin, Riccardo Baroudi)

3rd : 2001 BARCELONA-SPAIN-Arts-Hotel (Fernando Ortiz-Monasterio, J.Planas, Javer de Benito, Antonio dela Fuente, Tom, Michael Sheflan, Cornette, Gaston, Egle Mutti, Aldo Fontana,etc) + 2 days of Golf

4th : 2003 MYCONOS-GREECE (Spyro Ionadides, Tom, Cornette, Goswin, Wolfensberger, Carlos, DelaPena, Ana Badin, Marteen Flechner, Hans-Leo Nathrath, Antonio dela Fuente, Gaston Maillard, Onur)

5th : 2005 CUBA  (A.Badin, Tom, Steph.Gilbert, Onur, Goswin,  W.Wu, P.Tonnard, Verpaele, Cath. Legeret, Antonio dela Fuente, Miro, Steph Gilbert, Onur, Gaith)

6th : 2006 BORDEAUX-FRANCE(Jean-Louis Goin, Wolfensberger, Cornette, Carlos Uebel,Tom, Goswin, Marteen Flechner, Dirk RICHTER, Jan Poell, Frank Trepsat, W.Wu, J.Hunstad, Nordstrom, delaPena, Keizo , Miro, Gilbert, Fukuta, Alfonso Barrera, Onur, Gaston) + Golf

7th : 2007 PETRA-JORDAN (Gaith Shubailat, Tom, Cornette, W.Wu, Miro, Gilbert, etc)

8th : 2008 MUNICH GERMANY (Goswin Mallinckrodt, Tom, Wolfensberger, Gaith, Cornette, Miro, Uebel, Badin,Marteen Flechner, Dirk Richter, Keizo Fukuta, T.Marten, Bryan Mendelson, Nordstrom, Hans-Leo Nathrath, Gaston Maillard, Onur + invited Guest: Wolfgang Muelbauer)

9th  : 2009 HELSINKI-FINLAND/StPetersburg-Russia (RolfNordstrom, Tom ,Goswin, Wolfensberger ,Carlos, Gaith, Miro, Badin, Marteen Flechner, Dirk Richter, Onur, Alfonso Barrera, Jos.Hunstad; Gaston Maillard & Bernard Cornette + wifes were ejected from the train at the russian border because of invalid visas !)

10th : 2010 ISTANBUL-TURKEY (Onur Erol, Tom, Wolfensberger, Dirk Richter, Cornette, Carlos, Miro, Badin, Gaston, Gaith)

11th : 2011 RIVIERAMAYA-CANCUN-MEXICO (Abel dela Pena, Onur, Tom, Carlos, Stephen  Gilbert, Badin, Miro, Cornette, Gaith, Gaston) + 3 days of golf

12th : 2012 POSITANO-NAPOLI-CAPRI-ITALY( Gaston Maillard, Onur, Gaith, Stephen Gilbert, Bryan Mendelson,  AnaBadin, Cornette, Marteen Flechner, Daniel Knutti)

13th : 2013 SINGAPORE 7-11 May (Woffles WU) golf also planned+ Bali excursion

14th : 2014 European Culture Top-City planned e.g. probably VIENNA