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Bryan Mendelson


1- Mendelson B.C.,  Huggins, R.J., Jacobson, S.R, Lavoipierre, A.M,  The fate of porous Hydroxyapatite Granules Used in Facial Skeletal Augmentation 2 year study Aesth. Plast. Surg. 34: 445-461, 2010

2-   Wong C.H. Hsei M.K. and Mendelson B.C. The tear trough ligament: Anatomical Basis for the Tear Trough Deformity.  Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 129: 1392, 2012.

3-      Mendelson B.C. Wong C.H. Changes in the Facial Skeleton with Aging: Implications and Clinical Applications in Facial Rejuvenation Aesth. Plast. Surg. 36: 753. 2012.

4-     Mendelson B.C. Wong C.H. Surgical Anatomy of the Middle Premasseter Space and its Application in Sub SMAS Facelift Surgery. Plast. Reconstr. Surg (In press) 2013.

5-       Wong C.H. Mendelson B.C. Facial Soft Tissue Spaces and Retaining Ligaments of the Midcheek: Defining the Premaxillary Space. Plast. Reconstr. Surg (In press) 2013.

6-     O’Brien J.X  Ashton M.W. Rozen W.M. Ross R. Mendelson B.C. New Perspectives on the Surgical Anatomy and Nomenclaturenof the Temporal Region. Literature Review & Dissection Study. Plast. Reconstr. Surg (In press) 2013.

            7-      Mendelson B.C., Luo D.. Secondary Upper Blepharoplasty – A Clinical Series Using the Tarsal Fixation Technique – Plast. Reconstr. Surg., *PENDING*  



Invited Faculty at the following Scientific Meetings

November 2013

Melbourne, Australia                             MAFAC Melbourne Advanced Facial Anatomy Course

Head of Faculty                                              Cadaver Dissection and Lecture Course

October 2013

Shanghai, China                                         ISAPS China Course

Presentation 1)                                              “Understanding Facial Anatomy & its application in Facelifting: Facial Spaces                                                                              and the Composite Facelift”

Presentation 2)                                              “Applied Surgical Anatomy of the Mid Cheek”


October 2013

Tokyo, Japan                                                The 36th Annual Meeting of JSAPS

Presentation 1)                                              “Periorbital Variations: Their Effect on Upper Lid Blepharoplasty Results

Presentation 2)                                              “The Lower Lid and Midcheek. 

                                                                            Anatomy, Aging and Principle of Correction”

Presentation 3)                                               “Aging of the Facial Skeleton. 

                             Presentation and Integration of Its Correction”

September 2013

Rochester, Minnesota                            Mendelson Symposium – MAYO Clinic U.S.A         

Head of Faculty                                              Cadaver Dissection and Lecture Course

Presentation 1)                                              “The Philosophy of Understanding Facial Anatomy”

Presentation 2)                                              “Understanding the Face, Function, Basic Embryology,

                                                                              Applied Comparative Anatomy”

Presentation 3)                                              “Principles of Facial Anatomy and Facial Aging:           


July 2013

Port Douglas, Australia                        36th Annual ASAPS Conference

Presentation 1)                                              “The Anatomy of Facial Aging”

Presentation 2)                                              “Facelifting in the Premassetric Spaces”

Presentation 3)                                              “A Personal Quest for Understanding in Bow & Temple Lifting”  

May 2013

Warwick, UK                                                 International Facial Dissection & Lecture Course

Presentation 1)                                              “Principles of Facial Anatomy”

Presentation 2)                                                “The Composite Facelift. Anatomy, Principles and Results”

May 2013

Quiberon, France                                        SOFCEP National Annual Congress

Presentation 1)                                                “Understanding facial anatomy and its application in face lifting: facial space and the composite face lifting”

April 2013

Melbourne, Australia                              Plastic Surgery Congress 2013 (ASPS)

                                                                              Abbreviated Melbourne Advanced Facial Anatomy Course                                                                                                   Cadaver Dissection & Presentations

April 2013

Argentina, South America                   43rd Argentine Congress on Plastic Surgery

Presentation 1)                                              “Limited Dissection Composite Facelift. Anatomy & Technique”

Presentation 2)                                              “Aspects of Upper Lid & Brow”


March 18 2013                                            University of Melbourne

Postgraduate Diploma in Surgical Anatomy at the University of Melbourne.

                                                            Understanding facial anatomy for the plastic Surgeon

February 2013

Cologne, Germany                       3rd International Symposium on

                                                           Secondary Optimizing Aesthetic Surgery

LIVE Secondary Facelift SURGERY Secondary Aesthetic Surgery of the Face & Eyelids



November 2012

Melbourne, Australia                          MAFAC - Melbourne Advanced Facial Anatomy Course

Head of Faculty                                           Cadaver Dissection and Lecture Course

November 2012

Athens, Greece                                         ISAPS Official Course

Presentation 1)                                            “The Lower Lid and Midcheek.  Anatomy, Aging and Principles of                                                                                                       Correction”

Presentation 2)                                            “The Upper Lid and Brow.  Variables in presentation and their                                                                                                              treatment”

Presentation 3)                                            “Aging of the Facial Skeleton.  Its impact on Facial Aging and                                                                                                             Correction”

Presentation 4)                                            “The Limited Dissection Composite Facelift.  Principles, Anatomy                                                                                                     and Results”

October 2012                                           

Seoul, Korea                                           OSAPS 2012

Presentation 1)                                        “Limited Dissection Composite Facelift.  Anatomy and Technique”                                                                                                   (High Definition Video included)

Presentation 2)                                          “Influence of the Skeleton on Facial Aging.  Analysis and                                                                                                                          Correction with Hydroxyapatite augmentation”        

                                                                          “Correction of the Mid Cheek with the Facelift”

September 2012

Geneva, Switzerland                             ISAPS 21st Congress

Video Presentation 1)                               "The  Premasseter spaces approach to Facelifting; 

                                                                           A Minimal Dissection anatomical approach".

Presentation 2)                                           “Importance of the Superolateral Orbital Rim and its Surgical Enhancement”

April 2012

Positano, Italy                                          ICAPS 2012

Presentation 1)                                            “Aging of the Facial Skeleton“

Presentation 2)                                            “Experience with Hydroxyapatite Augmentation of the Mid Cheek Skeleton”

February 2012

Melbourne, Australia                          16th Advanced Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Workshop                         

Presentation 1)                                            “Upper Blepharoplasty”

Presentation 2)                                            “Alternatives for the outer brow. 

                                                                            Deep temporal lift vs supraorbital rim augmentation”

Presentation 3)                                            “Midface lifting & Hydroxyapatite”