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Ana Zulmira Diniz Badin - Plastic Surgeon and Master of Science (msc),

Titulary Member of Brasilian Society in Plastic Surgery (SBCP),

Titulary Member of Brasilian Society of Laser in Medicine and Surgery (SBLMC),

International Member of Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery


Contributions ofDraAna Zulmira DinizBadintoPlastic Surgery, in Paraná and Brazil

After receiving the SirleiRinaldiAwardin November 1989forherwork entitledMultiple Reconstruction with Microsurgery,Ana Zulmira Diniz Badin’s scientific contributions to plastic surgery in Brazil, and her own state of Paraná, have focused primarily in the area of lasers (more specifically, the CO2 laser and laserlypolisis) and video endoscopy, in the following chronological order:

1996 - DraAna Zulmira performedliveCO2laser facial resurfacing, at the Medical Association of the State of Paraná, with international participation of Thomas Roberts III, MD (USA).

1997 - During the 1st Brazilian Laser Congress in Curitiba, DraAna Zulmira presented the theme Skin Resurfacing, which subject in the same year lead to publication of her book,A Ray of Light - Laser Facial Rejuvenation,targeted at patients and medical students, offering information, testimonials and pictures of patients who had undergone laser resurfacing. With the goal of demystifying the subject and answering common and likely questions about the procedure, this bookwaswritten in partnership with Noelid'Almeida, writer and patient, and Dra Lea Mara Moraes, plastic surgeon. Conducted a CO2 Laser Training Course with international guest Alan Brackup, MD (USA).

1998 - Published the book Laser Facial Rejuvenation,directed at physicians:a comprehensive text addressing technical issues, indications and contraindications,patient care and complications management, with co-authors DraLea Mara Moraesand Thomas Roberts III, MD. That same year, DraAna Zulmira organizeda theoretical-practical course forthe UltraPulse CO2laser, with guest physician Richard Gregory, MD (USA). The Laser Training Coursewas held October 17-18 at the SirleiRinaldiCentre for Studies, Athena Medical Center.

1999 –March 14-15 Organizedand presented a Laser Training Coursecovering the use of CO2 anderbium lasers, as well as a multi-wavelength laser for use in vascular and pigmented lesions and tattoos, with guest expert Robert Adrian, MD (Washington, DC-USA). The theoretical course washeld at the SirleiRinaldiCentre for Studies, AthenaMedical Center, withthe practical session at the Intralaser Institute of Laser Treatment.

2000 - June 29-July 2, the II Brazilian Congress of Video EndoscopicPlastic Surgery and the IInternational Advanced Course in Video EndoscopicSurgery in Plastic Surgery, were held at the Hotel Bourbon in Curitiba, a joint effort of SBCP - Chapter of Video EndoscopicSurgery, the Plastic Surgery Service of the Hospital de Clinicasof Porto Alegre, Athena Medical Centre (ClínicaAthena) and Intralaser (Institute of Laser Treatment). The event brought together international guest physiciansincluding Oscar Ramirez,MD, Renato Saltz, MD and Thomas Roberts III,MD(USA); Abel Chajchir, MD (Argentina) and Santiago Umaña, MD(Colombia). The practical coursewas held at ClínicaAthena, which inaugurated its new expansion in conjunction with the event.

2001 - In October, Dra Ana Zulmira organizedthe II Video EndoscopicCourse in Plastic Surgery, in conjunction with the JornadaInternacional de CirurgiaPlásticaorganized by José Carlos Miranda, MD and DraRuth Graf, at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Curitiba.

2002 - DraAna Zulmira became regent of herregional chapter of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery. On September 13 - 14, she organized aVideo Endoscopic Course with the participation of international guest Renato Saltz, MD (USA). In conjunction, Dra Ana Zulmira launched the book Facial Rejuvenation: Video EndoscopicSurgery and Ancillary Procedures, which she co-authored with Carlos Casagrande, MD and Renato Saltz, MD.

2003 - Still in the role of regent of her regional chapter of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, in August, VEMI III - Advanced Course in Video Endoscopy, promoted by theVideo EndoscopyChapter and headquartered at the Athena Medical Center, beganoffering more demonstration surgeries, with a two day course (one theoretical and one practical), including endoscopic forehead surgery, endoscopic forehead and middle third face, endoscopic submammary and submuscular breast procedures, endoscopic mini-abdominoplastyand endoscopic gluteal prostheses. Key speakers were Dra Ana Zulmira Diniz Badin,Dr. Carlos Casagrande, DraLea Mara Moraes and Dr. Oromar Moreira Filho.

On May 16, aLaser Training Coursewas held, promoted by the Brazilian Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery (SBLMC) - Paraná Region (President – Ana Zulmira E. Diniz Badin) and the Brazilian Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery (SBACV) - Paraná Region, with a Scientific Dinner event addressing the current stateof lasers in vascular surgery with physician guests Dr. Ari Elwing, Dr.KasuoMiyake and Dr. Adamastor H. Pereira. A practical demonstration took place the following day at the Athena Medical Center and atIntralaser, with the following curriculum: Practical Demonstration of Use of Laser Technology for Vascular Lesions, 532nmLaser (facial&legvessels), 1064nm Laser (hemangiomas, poikiloderma) and surgical demonstration of endovascular therapy on large vessels using the diode laser.

2004–On June 4-5, a two day, Multi-specialtyLaser Training Coursewas offered, addressing three disciplinesusing lasers in medicine: plastic surgery, gynecology and dermatology. The course was promoted by the Brazilian Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery (SBLMC), SBLMC - Paraná Region, with support of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP) - Paraná Region, Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Paraná (SOGIPA), Brazilian Society of Pathology of the Lower Genital Tract and Colposcopy - Paraná Chapter (SBPTGIC-PR) with the demonstration procedures in plastic surgery, dermatology and gynecology,performed at theAthena Medical Center and Intralaser.

This year, the course VEMI IV - Immersion: Video Endoscopy, Facial Suspension without Scar, and Facial Rejuvenationwas promoted by the Videoendoscopy Chapter of SBCPand the Aesthetic Chapter of SBCP, with support from SBCP- ParanáRegion. The demonstration surgeries wereperformed at the VEMIheadquarters,located at the Athena Medical Center.

2005 - From May 20th to 22nd, a Laser Training Coursewas held, managed by the Brazilian Society of Laser (SBL) - Southern Region, under the direction of Dra Ana Zulmira. The course wassponsored by  SBLMC, SBLMC - Paraná Region and Intralaser Institute of Laser Treatment, with support fromthe Paranáense Society of Dermatology (SBD), SBCP- Paraná Region, the Brazilian Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery (SBACV), the Brazilian Dental Association - PR Chapter, the 8th Regional Council of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy, and the Association of Aesthetic Professionals, PRRegion (APEPR).

The course offered theoretical modules and practical training, taught by renowned professionals including Dr. Charles Yamaguchi (São Paulo), president of the Brazilian Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery (SBLMC), who coordinated the Dermatology and PlasticSurgery module, in which he addressed the topic "Treatment of Localized Fat and Cellulite with Alphatech." Other course tracksaddressed Use of Lasers in Dentistry, Diode Laser for Hair Loss,Facial Photorejuvenation, and Vascular Lesions, among others. All concepts presented in theory were applied in practice in operating rooms at Athena Medical Center.

VEMI V- International Advanced Course for Video EndoscopicSurgery and Minimally Invasive Procedures was sponsored by Athena Medical Center, with the distinguished presence of Dr. Yves Illouz (France), considered the "Father of Liposuction," and the renowned anatomist Dr. CelsoBohorquez (Colombia). Demonstration surgeries wereperformed at VEMI headquarters, Athena Medical Center.

2006 - Dra. Ana Zulmira became President of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP) - Regional Paraná, and organized, managed and chaired the JornadaSulBrasileira, in Foz do Iguaçu. This year, VEMI VI - International Advanced Course for Video Endoscopic Surgery and Minimally Invasive Procedureswas promoted by SBCP- Paraná Region and the Videoendoscopy Chapter of SBCP/2006. International guests were: Renato Saltz, MD (USA), Jorge de la Torre, MD (USA), Dr. Pier Luigi Sings (Italy), Dr. Aldo Motura (Argentina) and Dr. Celso Bohorquez (Colombia).

On October 12, the launch and book-signing of Video Endoscopy in Body Contouring and Ancillary Proceduresby Dra Ana Zulmira Diniz Badin and DraLydia Masako Ferreira, which bookwas subsequently translated into Spanish and Italian.

2007 - In August, VEMI VII- International Course for Video EndoscopicSurgery and Minimally Invasive Procedures was held, promoted by SBCP - Paraná Region, under the direction of Dra Ana Zulmira,by theVideoendoscopy in Plastic Surgery Chapter ofSBCP, and by Athena Medical Center. This year, the principal guests were: LuizVasconez, MD (USA), Bruce Chau, MD (USA), Dr. CelsoBohorquez (Colombia), Dr. Ali Pirayesh (Belgium), Dr. Vishal Patel (India) and Dr. Alessandro Gennai (Italy).

This year, in November, with Dra Ana Zulmira as president of the SBCP - Paraná Region, Curitiba hosted the 44th Brazilian Congress of Plastic Surgery, presenting the Video Endoscopy Course on the last day of the event. Plastic surgeon Dra Lea Mara Moraes, along with Dr. Carlos Casagrande and Dra Ana Zulmira Badin, administered theVideo Endoscopy Course in Plastic Surgery: Breast, Abdomen and Face. The course, coordinated by Dr. Antonio da Rosa Roberto Rezende, was sponsored by the Brazilian Chapter of Videoendoscopy inPlastic Surgery (SBCP). The demonstration surgeries were performed at the VEMIheadquarters at Athena Medical Center.

2008 - This year, VEMI VIII - International Course on Video Endoscopy in Plastic Surgery and Minimally Invasive Proceduresfeatured the participation of international guests: Renato Saltz, MD (USA), Jorge de la Torre, MD (USA), Dr. Romulo Guerrero (Ecuador), Dr. CelsoBohorquez (Colombia), Dr. Gabriel Alvarado (Colombia), and Dr. Gino Lhosa (Colombia). The course wassponsored by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP) - Paraná Regionand theIberolatina Federation of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (FILACP).

2009 - VEMI IX - International Course on Video Endoscopy in Plastic Surgery and Minimally Invasive Procedures, promoted by Athena Medical Center, had the support of the SBCP, SBCP- ParanáRegion, the Videoendoscopy Chapter ofSBCP and theIberolatina Federation of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (FILACP). In this ninth year, international guests included two icons of endoscopic technique: Dr. Antonio de La Fuente (Spain) and DraVeronica Wertmuller (Argentina).

2011 - VEMI X - International Course on Video Endoscopy in Plastic Surgery and Minimally Invasive Procedures,in its tenth and final year,featured internationalicons of endoscopic technique Dr. Bryan Mendelson (Australia), Dr. Marco Aurelio Faria Correa (Singapore) and Dr. Lhosa Gino (Peru), as well asthe invited Brazilian speakers.

The gathering of all these professionals, over 10 years, provided an annual update on training and technical development, promoting development in new segments within the specialty, both in aesthetic and in reconstructive surgery for face and body. Alternativetechniques and innovative complementary procedures were presented in a climate of lively debate and exchange of experiences.

These courses promoted by Athena Medical Center had the support of the SBCP, SBCP - Paraná Region, the Videoendoscopy Chapter of SBCP, the Iberolatina Federation of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (FILACP), the Brazilian Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery (SBLMC) and The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS).