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Alfonso Barrera

Alfonso Barrera is now Secretary of the Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons.


1)            Barrera, A. Chapter 18. Applied Anatomy in Hair Transplantation. Second Edition .Volume I -Foad Nahi’ Text book . The Art of Aesthetic Surgery - Principles and Technique Quality Medical Publishing . p 593- 604   2010.

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5)            New Textbook, 2nd edition: By   A.Barrera, C. Uebel  “Follicular Unit Microrafting and Minigrafting- The Art Of Hair Transplantation” With (QMP) Quality Medical Publishing) St Louis MO. Coming out September 2013


         Invited Faculty at the following Scientific Meetings:

1)Advances in Hair Transplantation. Plastic Surgery Grand Rounds Baylor College of Medicine, Jan 11th 2013.

2)Further Advancements in Hair Restoration. COURSE ASAPS Annual Meeting, New York, NY. April 10- 16th 2013

3 )Live Surgery demonstration and Lectures on Hair Transplantation  The 43rd Finnish Aesthetic Teaching Symposium (FATS   2013) Helsinki, Finland. September 18-21, 2013

4) Texas Society Of Plastic Surgeons annual Meeting, Lost Pines Resort, Bastrop Texas Sept 26-29, 2013

 29) Invited Professor and Co-Chairman at the 3rd - International Hair Surgery Master Course (IHSMC) congress. At the European Masters in Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine. Palais des congrès, Paris, 11–12 October 2013.

5) International Society For Hair Restoration Surgery  21st annual Meeting, Oct 23-27,2013 Corrective Surgery and Strategies Workshop  San Francisco, October 25, 2013